The goal of academic formation at Pacific Regional Seminary is the conversion of mind and heart. The academic formation seeks to provide for the intellectual training and formation of future priests for the Pacific in the disciplines of scripture, theology, philosophy, and relevant socio-pastoral sciences.


It is clearly acknowledged by both the PRS Senate and Staff that while the academic program and the academic awards offered at PRS are very important, they are not the primary focus in the formation program for candidates to the priesthood.


Students who pass all the required courses of Years I-III are awarded the Diploma of Theology. Those who pass all the required courses are awarded the Bachelor of Divinity and the Bachelor of Theology at the end of Year VII.


Students, who do not complete all the requirements of either the Diploma of Theology or the Bachelor of Divinity programs, are awarded an internal Certificate of Theology confirming that they have completed either 3 or 7 years of theological studies.



Academic Life from our Ratio

Announcing the Gospel with relevance to the people of the Pacific supposes not only spiritual formation and pastoral initiation, but also intellectual and academic competence. It is the responsibility of the seminaries to assure candidates an appropriate formation in this field.

Students follow courses outline in the PRS program for the Diploma of Theology during the first three years of academic formation. The next four years, including the pastoral formation Years, students follow the academic program for the Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

The four years devoted mostly to Theology: Years Three, Four, Six and Seven are also the four years of theology required for the Bachelor of Sacred Theology which is awarded by the Urbaniana University in Rome.

Course descriptions and requirements for all programs are found in the current PRS Handbook. The academic curriculum by subjects and the outlines of the Diploma of Theology and the Bachelor of Divinity programs are included in the handbook for each year.