Urbaniana Exam

The year seven students have been nervous for some weeks as they awaited the day of the written Urbaniana exam which the required exam for the awarding of the Bachelor of Theology. There were 19 students sitting the exam in 2017 and so the ordinary room – Conference room in Zion – was really packed. According to custom they assembled outside and then entered for the 9.00am start. The demands of the exam are more serious than most others. There are three questions provided by the examiner from the 41 theses given by the Urbaniana University in Rome. Each one is to answer one question only from those questions set and to do it in five to six hours. This year most were finished just before 3.00pm after starting at 9.00am and as expected most came ut shaking their hands which are not used to writing for such a prolonged period.
Urbaniana1 Figure 1    Candidates writing their Urbaniana exam

Overall the candidates seemed happy and are now looking forward to stage two of the exam which are three oral exams – systematic theology, biblical studies and moral theology - to be held on Friday  20th October.

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