New Additions to the Pacific Regional Seminary Library Collection
May to October 2017

  1. Jesus risen in our midst: essays on the resurrection / Sandra M Schneiders
  2. A new short history of the Catholic Church / Norman Tanner
  3. A different priest: the Epistle to the Hebrews / Albert Vanhoye
  4. The Gospel of Mark / R. T. France
  5. In the company of the poor /
  6. Globalization, spirituality, and justice / Daniel G. Groody
  7. The strength of her witness / Elizabeth A. Johnson
  8. The Gospel according to Mark / William L. Lane
  9. First Corinthians / George T. Montague
  10. Understanding wisdom literature / David Penchansky
  11. Seminary formation / Katarina Schuth
  12. A Church of the poor: Pope Francis and the.../Clemes Sedmark
  13. Theology brewed in an African pot /
  14. The Church we want: African Catholics look to Vatican III / Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator
  15. Mission makes the Church (Donated by Fabrizio Meroni)
  16. FOC. Tyconius: exp. of the Apocalypse
  17. The sacrament of marriage / S. Antonisamy
  18. Navigating troubled waters / PTC
  19. CTS. How to read the Gospel (Donated by The Brierleys)
  20. CTS. Lectio Divina: spiritual reading (Donated by The Brierleys)
  21. CTS. Passing on faith to your children (Donated by The Brierleys)
  22. Vatican Council II: reforming liturgy / edited by Pilcher/Orr/Harrington (Donated by Carmel Pilcher)
  23. 101 questions & answers on Deacons / W.T. Ditewig (Donated by Fr Donal McIlraith)
  24. Deacons and the Church / O.F. Cummings (Donated by Fr Donal Mcilraith)
  25. The Deacon reader (Donated by Fr Donal McIlraith)
  26. National Directory for the formation, ministry and life of Deacons/ (Donated by Fr Donal McIlraith)
  27. The relational self: decolonizing personhood in the Pacific/ Va’ai/Nabobo-Baba
  28. Relational hermeneutics: decolonizing the mindset and the Pacific Itulagi/ Va’ai/Casimira
  29. Theology & diakonia: faith in action v.3 (Missio)
  30. Spirituality of the universal Church: rediscovering... v.4 (Missio)
  31. Religious freedom: foundations... v.5 (Missio)
  32. The universal Church in Germany... v.6 (Missio)
  33. Evangelii Gaudium...v.7 (Missio)
  34. Human dignity: discourses...v.8 (Missio)
  35. Evangelization: sharing the joy of the Gospel...v.9 (Missio)
  36. Facing the fifties/ P. O’ Connor (Donated by Fr. Michael O’ Connor)
  37. The skilled helper/ G. Egan. 6th ed. (Donated by Fr. ¬†Michael O’ Connor)
  38. Adding value / G. Egan (Donated by Fr. Michael O’ Connor)
  39. Empowering older adults/ E. Waters (Donated by Fr. Michael O’ Connor)
  40. Ignatius of Loyola / W. Meissner (Donated by Fr. Michael O’ Connor)


About Us

Pacific Regional Seminary has been offering training for the Roman Catholic priesthood for the various dioceses in the Pacific and for religious congregations with houses affiliated to the seminary since 1972.
During this year, 1973, we are celebrating our 40 years at the present site at Nasese, Suva Point. The celebration is centred on the last weekend of August, 23rd to 25th August with three day of presentations on the documents of Vatican II as they relate to seminary formation and to priestly life. All former students and faculty are invited to join in the celebration either by coming in person or joining in spirit from the different parts of the world. The same invitation is expressed to former staff members.
If you are coming, please notify us by email to , if possible by early July. [Alternatively by mail which can be sent to Private Mail Bag, 79, Suva, Fiji]