The Seminary Library.

Part of A Report on the Library to Senate Members
August 2016

Once again we, the library staff, would like to extend a warm welcome to all our members of Senate. As usual, we are really happy to see all of you here at PRS. We would like you to know that we feel that your presence here is a sign of your care and commitment to the Administration issues of the seminary.

We are also grateful for your show of support for the Library over the many years. You are, and always have been, a great source of encouragement to us and because of this we are filled with renewed enthusiasm in the work we do here and our efforts in endeavouring to keep on improving our services to the PRS Community.

Libraries cannot develop properly or well, without the aid or help of Library Boards or Committees, so we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the members of our PRS Library Board for their support, guidance, and advice whenever we get together for meetings to discuss issues pertaining to the library and its running.

All is well in the library since our report of April this year and we are happy to inform you that there are no major problems so far. I will now put you in the picture on what has transpired over the last 3 months or so.

Orders for Urbaniana Tesario (Theses)
An order was sent off by Fr Michael in May of this year for books which had been recommended for the Urbaniana Theses exams and which had been prepared by the Faculty of Theology for the next three (3) Academic years - 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19. Many of the books on the list were not available in our collection, and therefore Fr Michael had to place orders for them from either The Book Depository or from The French language titles were ordered from the French Amazon.
All the books have arrived, were processed and are now in our collection. We are keeping them in a special Reserve collection titled Urbaniana Thesis

Resources for Students
Resources were ordered for our students - especially in anticipation of the new intake who would be arriving in the new Propaedeutic Period in August (this month).

Book Depository.
The following resources were ordered in May this year:
Weekday Missals
Sunday Missals
New Interpreter’s Study Bibles
(These have arrived and were distributed to the seminarians)

Asian Trading Corporation
In June an order was sent off to Asian Trading for the following:
30 x Everyday Prayer
20 x Code of Canon Law
25 x Vatican Council II (volume -1)
(These have arrived and were distributed to the seminarians)

On the 23rd of this month (August) an order was sent off again for more Bibles from as our stock had dwindled due to both new staff and students wanting them. Our Year 6's asked especially for copies of the bibles as they had not been given any and were still using the NRSV Catholic Bible which was in use previously here at the seminary.
The following was ordered:

10 x New Interpreter’s Study Bible

Collection Development January-July 2016
Our collection has developed, or increased, by 169 titles between the months of January to July.
Besides the books which were ordered for the Urbaniana Theses, many other books had been ordered, while some were donated, or sent to us as gifts - notably from Feed The Minds (UK). A few second-hand books were also on offer from the Marist Archives in New Zealand, and we chose some titles from their list which we did not have in our collection.

Important issues – Library Board Meetings 2016
This year a few important issues were bought up and discussed at our meetings and some were acted upon while others are still in the pipeline.

1)Ricoh Aficio SP C252SF Desktop Colour MFP, and,
2)Toshiba eStudio305cs Multifunction Laser. We should be making a decision soon on this


Future Problems
We envision a few problems presenting themselves in the near future and which we plan to bring up for discussion at future Library Board meetings.

Space Problems
We are experiencing space problems in our library. We need a place where we can store books:

Our PACIFICA section is congested and we need more shelves, but in the present set-up all the space is taken up as they are shelved in the library office for safe-keeping. Cartons of worm-infested books are also cluttering up our office

We need wall cupboards with glass doors where we can display all our cd’s, dvd’s, etc. At the moment they are all hidden away out of sight and therefore are not being used very much. We could also have an adjoining cupboard to house all the music books, etc.

Enhancement of our Library Services
When our Library Board members get together at our next meeting we hope to discuss ways of enhancing our services to our Users - especially in the area of accessing the Internet. It has been suggested by the Rector, that the library staff give hands-on instructions to students on how to access the internet; how to search for resources; where they can go to access Catholic/Vatican Documents, etc. The Rector had suggested that either Bere or Isoa could take a course on this, or someone could come in and teach them. Anyway, something new for the library staff to look forward to.


We the library staff are very grateful for our positions here. We enjoy the work we are doing and wish to keep on making improvements as we go along according to the wishes and needs of our users.  Lastly, we wish to reassure you of our commitment to service in the library and we hope that you are happy and satisfied with our work here.

May God bless and protect you all.
In Jesus + Mary
Mrs Ethel Dolores Morris

About Us

Pacific Regional Seminary has been offering training for the Roman Catholic priesthood for the various dioceses in the Pacific and for religious congregations with houses affiliated to the seminary since 1972.
During this year, 1973, we are celebrating our 40 years at the present site at Nasese, Suva Point. The celebration is centred on the last weekend of August, 23rd to 25th August with three day of presentations on the documents of Vatican II as they relate to seminary formation and to priestly life. All former students and faculty are invited to join in the celebration either by coming in person or joining in spirit from the different parts of the world. The same invitation is expressed to former staff members.
If you are coming, please notify us by email to , if possible by early July. [Alternatively by mail which can be sent to Private Mail Bag, 79, Suva, Fiji]